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About the Eyewear Artwalk™ B2B Expo

Featuring a variety of educational paths that provide custom-tailored thought leadership on the most important breakthroughs in Eyewear and Eye Care, Eyewear Artwalk™ is quickly becoming the leading source in eye care education.

Explore our 2024 Education Tracks and experience more opportunities for discovery, networking, learning, and career-enhancing connections at Eyewear Artwalk™. 

2024 Educational Tracks

Frame Making & Design

Explore the art and science behind crafting eyewear that blends style and functionality.

Marketing, Advertising, & Branding for Optical Shops

Share strategies and tactics to elevate optical shop visibility and attract a loyal customer base.

Optician CE & ABO Courses

Dive into the latest developments in optician continuing education and American Board of Opticianry certification.

Technology in Eye Care

Uncover the cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of eye care.

Patient Experience

Discuss innovative approaches to enhancing patient satisfaction and building lasting relationships.

Sales 101 for Optical Shops

Provide insights into effective sales techniques tailored to optical shops.

Data & Analytics

Explore the role of data and analytics in optimizing eye care practices.


Envision the future trends and possibilities in the eye care industry.

Film and TV

Examine the portrayal of eyewear in film and television and its impact on public perception.

Fashion and Beauty

Showcase the intersection of fashion, beauty, and eyewear trends.


Explore the emerging connections between gaming and eye care.

Merchandising and Retail Design

Discuss strategies for effective merchandising and retail design in optical shops.

Myopia and Orthokeratology

Address the growing concerns related to myopia and the advancements in orthokeratology.

Dry Eye

Delve into the latest research and treatments for dry eye syndrome.

Ophthalmology and Research

Share groundbreaking research and advancements in ophthalmology.

Optometry and COPE

Explore developments and trends in optometry and the Council on Optometric Practitioner Education.

Formats of Education Tracks

Immersive Workshops

Max 2 Participants | 120 min.

Hands-on sessions on topics that empower the attendees to leave with tangible lessons.

Going Solo

Max 1 Participant | 30 min.

Short solo presentations regarding a specialized discussion. These are not sales pitches.


Max 2 Participants | 30 min.

1-2 speakers offering a deep dive into more targeted topics.


Max 4 Participants | 45 min.

Diverse discussion around a specific topic.

Meet Up

Max 4 Hosts | 180 min.

Bringing together attendees with similar interests to broaden their community in either a networking/mixer style or a campfire discussion. Up to 4 hosts max.

Fireside Chat

Max 3 Participants | 60 min.

Conversation between 2-3 speakers discussing and dissecting a specific topic.

Speaking at Seminar
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All submissions are due by December 19, 2023

Accepted speakers will be notified by December 31, 2023.

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