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24 Reasons to Attend Eyewear Artwalk 2024

Eyewear Artwalk has something for everyone. Whether you're an ECP or a consumer, the World's 1st Eyewear and Eye Care Festival + Expo is designed to immerse attendees in brand activations and installations from out of this world.

Need a few reasons why you should attend? Here's 24 in honor of the new year!

1 - 60+ brands across #Eyewear, #Fashion, #Music, and #Art have taken advantage of our early adopter rates and are building incredible installations that bring fantasy to life.

2 - 100+ sessions across 16 categories provide hours of #education, not just lectures. Eyewear Artwalk brings fireside chats, panel discussions, immersive workshops, keynotes, and much more.

3 - 2024 is the year of live #events, set to transform the shopping #experience. Brands are funneling hundreds of millions into live events to connect on a deeper scale with their consumers in 2024.

4 - Connect with 2,000+ Eye Care Professionals and 20,000+ consumers having the time of their lives at each location.

5 - Hyperlocal engagement strategy connects you with the local #ECP and consumer audience, developing deeper connections and a more emotional bond with your audience.

6 - Automated #leadgeneration with buying intent signals, behavioral, and psychographic #data giving you the insights needed to personalize your selling strategy.

7 - Increased data integrity ensures the data you receive is accurate, viable, and actionable. No more spreadsheets with missing & dismal data points.

8 - Our technology integrations including Mobiquity Technologies, Omniverse City,, Handzin, Unity, Unreal Engine, and others create a fully rounded data structure tracking every movement at Eyewear Artwalk.

9 - Sponsored by Kazoku Lunettes, the Visionaries Fashion Show provides a platform to elevate independent eyewear brands as well as empower consumers to purchase brands they see directly from the runway

10 - $440 billion USD - the estimated revenue expected to be made from gaming in 2024. Average revenue per user in gaming: $815 USD. With stats like this (Statista), Eyewear Artwalk is proud to be curating the Level Up gaming area. Find lenses, frames, dry eye solutions, and more to improve your #gaming coordination and increase your kill ratio.

11 - Eyewear and Eye Care brands from 10+ countries (and counting) will be represented at all 7 locations! Whether it's handcrafted quality from Germany or the best acetate frames made in Italy, Eyewear Artwalk is attracting and engaging with a powerful global community.

12 - Connect with Millennials and Gen Z on a whole new level, focusing on #sustainability, #transparency, and #quality; the key pillars on the future of commerce.

13 - Our education caters to Eye Care Professionals, providing an avenue where you can receive CE, ABO, & COPE credits.

14 - In disruptive #economies, travel is the first sacrifice. National events are great but do not create the value that regionalized events do. Connect with several local communities, drive value-add locally, and increase your brand's reach across 7 locations.

15 - 44 million Americans are estimated to suffer from Dry Eye Symptoms, and what do we do? We rub our eyes and get back to it. There is an entire world of treatments and products available for Dry Eye, and the Dry Eye Oasis provides the perfect balance of education and entertainment.

16 - Direct, in-person engagement at live events is estimated to be one of the biggest marketing expenses in 2024, but that connection begins to fade after the event. Connect with your audience physically and continue engaging virtually within Omniverse City, our virtual world that enables brands and fans to engage continuously around the world.

17 - Ultra-luxurious and redefined, The Vault provides an area for brands such as Balmain, Cartier, Valentino, and more to be organically placed in front of Celebrities, Influencers, High Net Worth Individuals, and Luxury Eyewear Boutiques for direct conversion opportunities. Nothing like this has been curated before!

18 - Learn consumer insights and disruptive variables that affect those mindsets on shopping in 2024, then immediately implement those insights in your marketing strategies and in-person activation at Eyewear Artwalk.

19 - Speakers from Visa, Google, Spotify, Samsung, Netflix, and several additional Fortune 500 companies will all be present, sharing their insights and experiences on consumer mindsets, preferences, purchasing patterns, and shopping behaviors.

20 - Eyewear Artwalk is facilitating Celebrity #collaborations, starting with Young Dirty Bastard x Vampyrz eyewear & gaming lens line. Who's next? You'll have to follow to find out ;)

21 - Dubbed by media as the "Coachella meets SXSW" - what's better than that!

22 - Why spend thousands on airfare, hotel, car rentals, meals, and entertainment to meet the same people at the same place every year? Expand your reach while saving money by attending local events, curating a strong community, and becoming a powerful ally for the consumer.

23 - Exceed your 2024 #growthgoals and get ahead of the immersive experience curve. Fashion, Music, and Art industries are taking advantage of immersive experiences. Isn't it time #eyewear and #eyecare did as well?

24 - The most important element - HAVE FUN! With VR, AR, XR, immersive installations, comedy tracks, live performances, after-parties, brand activations, and more there will never be a dull moment!

What are you looking forward to the most at Eyewear Artwalk?


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