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2024 Luxury Fashion Show At Eyewear Artwalk™

Eyewear Never Looked So Good

In the heart of cosmopolitan elegance, Kazoku Lunettes and Conrad Lamour partner to produce the Eyewear Artwalk Luxury Fashion Show. Set against the backdrop of avant-garde innovation and sartorial extravagance, this soirée promises to push the boundaries of luxury and redefine the essence of chic.


The catwalk emerges as a stage where visionaries converge, where each step echoes the rhythm of innovation and creativity. Models, draped in couture ensembles that embody the essence of timeless elegance, glide with an effortless grace, their eyes veiled in the mystique of Kazoku Lunettes and Conrad Lamour's creations.

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The Vault Luxury


Luxury Fashion Show

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