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The Optical Journal: The Optical Metaverse - My Vision Show Goes 3D

The Optical Metaverse - My Vision Show
The Optical Metaverse - My Vision Show

My Vision Show, the innovative platform that has provided thousands of eye care professionals a more accessible way to view and participate in live stream events has now taken their program to the next level.

My Vision Show has consistently delivered an inclusive format that includes free education on current and emerging trends, access to a broad range of vendors and products from across industry verticals, and a flexible experience that includes live networking and on-demand replays.

When faced with the challenge of creating better “real-life buying experiences “ for products such as eyeglass frames, My Vision Show creator, Charlene Nichols assembled a team of graphic designers and 3-D engineers to build a customized virtual world complete with interactive trade show booths and controllable avatars that eye care professionals can use to navigate this immersive experience.

The development of this 3-D exhibit area resulted in Nichols’s discovery of the emerging trend in metaverse development. As an early adopter of new technologies, the My Vision Show Team understood the impact of virtual experiences not only for events but for other activities such as shopping. The team set to work developing a complete metaverse with separate areas for retail shopping and wholesale events.

The convention center features 3 event atriums and will host events for optical, optometry, NFT, art, fintech, fashion, and music industries. The first event – The Optical Metaverse event, is scheduled for Oct 7, 2022.

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