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Kazoku Lunettes Creates Partnership with Eyewear Artwalk to Present the Visionaries Fashion Show

Visionaries Fashion Show Presented by Kazoku Lunettes
Visionaries Fashion Show Presented by Kazoku Lunettes

Lizzo’s #1 hit says it all; “It’s About Damn Time!”

Los Angeles, California October 31, 2023 - After years of demanding more inclusive and immersive ways for eyewear brands to get involved in traditional events, it’s finally happening! Eyewear Artwalk is proud to announce the Visionaries Fashion Show, presented by Kazoku Lunettes.

The Visionaries Fashion Show empowers independent eyewear brands to showcase their eyewear collections in both public and private fashion shows. Produced by Kazoku Lunettes, fresh off their successful New York Fashion Week runway show, this activation serves as a catalyst for emerging talent and established creatives, allowing independent designers to showcase their creativity and innovation.

The spotlight is now 100% on independent eyewear designers from all over the world.

Visionaries Fashion Show for Independent Eyewear Designers

By featuring a diverse array of highly creative styles, including High Fashion, Steampunk Couture, Glam Horror, and so much more, the fashion show not only introduces fresh perspectives and unique styles to the market but also fosters a culture of originality and artistic expression.

This platform contributes to the democratization of fashion, breaking away from conventional norms and promoting a more inclusive industry that values individuality. The Eyewear Artwalk Fashion Show becomes a nexus where craftsmanship meets artistry, enabling designers to connect with a broader audience and gain the recognition they deserve, as well as:

  1. Showcase and control your brand narrative

  2. Sell to viewers directly from the runway

  3. Reach a local, national, and international audience

Ultimately, supporting independent eyewear designers not only enriches the fashion landscape but also encourages a dynamic and vibrant community of creators.

Combining the Physical Show with a 3D Virtual World

Pioneering a revolutionary approach to eyewear fashion, Eyewear Artwalk seamlessly intertwines the physical runway experience with a cutting-edge 3D replica in the digital realm of Omniverse City.

While the physical show captivates in-person attendees with the tangible allure of meticulously crafted eyewear, the 3D replica in Omniverse City extends the reach globally, enabling virtual participants to immerse themselves in a hyper-realistic digital environment.

This convergence not only caters to diverse audience preferences but also introduces a new era of interactive consumer engagement. Attendees, whether physically present or virtually connected, can explore the eyewear collection through immersive virtual try-ons and place orders seamlessly.

This symbiotic relationship between the physical and digital dimensions not only amplifies the reach of independent eyewear designers but also sets a new standard for the integration of technology in the fashion industry, redefining the boundaries of creativity and accessibility.

Way More Than A Fashion Show

The Visionaries Fashion Show transcends the conventional boundaries of a typical fashion event, offering a comprehensive array of benefits that extend far beyond the runway.

With a sophisticated approach to data management and marketing activations, the fashion show ensures that participating independent eyewear designers have access to invaluable insights throughout the entire event lifecycle—from the pre-show anticipation to the post-event analysis.

The seamless integration of commerce support further distinguishes this showcase, facilitating in-person ordering directly from the runway and providing a virtual world experience through try-ons and ordering on Omniverse City. This innovative approach not only enhances the designer-consumer connection but also opens new avenues for business growth.

Moreover, the in-person audience verification based on consumer engagement not only ensures a targeted market research approach but also tailors the experience to the preferences of the discerning audience.

The Visionaries Fashion Show presented by Kazoku Lunettes emerges not only as a stage for artistic expression but also as a strategic hub that propels independent eyewear designers into a future where innovation and business synergy converge.

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